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Victims spend 300 million hours each year resolving ID Theft related problems. It could happen to you.  Is your identity protected?

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Worldwide Benefit Services engineered all of the services of the program by the bringing together three major operational partners that monitor id theft and provide credit card fraud monitoring, reporting and recovery.

Worldwide Assistance LogoEurope Assist USA

The US operational company of Europ Assist, with over 40 years of experience in the assistance business, is the backbone of the service. EA USA is the 24-hour, seven-days-a-week initial contact point for the victim and can handle multi-lingual calls from around the world and provide the victim immediate assistance and solutions. EA USA provides the victim the necessary speed and timesaving capabilities in the critical early stages of ID Theft discovery.
  • EA USA's mission is to provide the highest quality products and services possible; to encourage long-term partnerships with WA's clients, members, and providers; and to quickly and flexibly respond to changing needs of clients and members. They have been has been in operation since 1982 in the United States. Its office has not closed for one single day since.

Trans Union (TU)

One of largest credit bureau in the United States and Canada provides immediate access to the victim's creditors, so that WA can spring into action to start cleaning up the victim's credit affairs. In an ID Theft situation, speed is of the essence, and with their state-of-the-art communication system, Trans Union will be able to provide the necessary information within seconds of the victim's authorization.
  • Trans Union is a leading global provider of business intelligence services supported by more than 3,600 employees, in more than 24 countries worldwide. With technology-based intelligence products, including innovative credit decision and fraud prevention tools, Trans Union enables businesses to manage financial risk and capitalize on market opportunities.

Affinity Care LogoAffinity Care (AC)

While Worldwide Assist is the backbone of ID Theft Assist, Affinity Care is the heart. ID Theft is not only trying financially, but emotionally as well. With 24/7 counselor support available, emotional assistance for the victim is just a phone call away. Affinity Care also provides long-term credit restoration needs, such as resolving any disputes with creditors that arise from an ID Theft. For those victims seeking justice, Affinity Care offers legal assistance through their nationwide attorney network.
  • AffinityCare LLC was created to meet the unique and increasingly complex issues facing businesses that are committed to competing and thriving in competitive markets. Their 20 plus years of experience has allowed us to create preferred vendor relationships with leading, diverse specialty service providers nationally and internationally.
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