Dental Discounts

People's Health Choice (PHC) is a healthcare savings card (not insurance), providing you with access to reduced, pre-negotiated rates on services at over 500,000 providers nationwide, including over 300,000 doctors, 50,000 labs, 50,000 dentists, and 12,000 vision care providers.

Sample Dental Plan Savings Chart

  What You'll Pay  
Procedure With DNA Without DNA* Savings
Two periodic exams $44 $70 37%
Four bitewing x-rays $30 $45 33%
Two quadrants of periodontal scaling
and root planing
$230 $680 66%
Two routine cleanings $88 $130 32%
One resin/composite 1-surface
filling (anterior)
$71 $120 41%
Porcelain crown $515 $900 43%
Total Dental Expenses $978 $1,946  
Total Savings with DNA $967 50%

Savings will vary depending on location and are subject to change. The examples depicted are a sample for one local area and may be more or less depending on location.

The pricing is also only a partial list of services that are covered.

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