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Choices' mission is to help individuals and families protect their personal and financial health through affordable, effective, programs and services.

Whether you are an employee of a large, medium, or small business or a member of an affinity group, there may be gaps in your current benefit program that can be filled with these voluntary programs. You can customize a program that fits your individual needs.

We help provide options to part-time, 1099, seasonal, self-employed or other employees who are not covered under any benefit program. These options are reasonably priced and can help you protect your health, family and financial assets.

Last, but not least, our mission includes offering the same protection options to individuals and families who are not covered through the workplace but who have the same need to protect themselves and their families. All of the products and services are available on a voluntary, self-pay basis.

Helping small and large businesses and affinity groups offer affordable health care benefits and other voluntary benefit programs to employees or members, including 1099, part-time, seasonal and other non-benefit eligible employees.

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