Are costs preventing you from getting an important surgery or dental or medical treatment? Save time and money on surgery or medical treatment by traveling to a top medical destination!


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Medical Tourism | International Surgery

Globalization of healthcare has lead people to investigate destinations other than the US for medical treatment. One of the main attractions for medical procedures in foreign countries is the price. Considering surgical procedures abroad one can expect to save anywhere from 50%-90% versus USA prices (depending on the procedure).

  • Cost Savings (50%-90% savings)
  • Credibility (JCI Accreditation)
  • Culture (Popular vacation spots)
  • Closeness (Close proximity to the US)

At SurgicalEscape, the focus is on providing a solution to the rising costs of medical procedures, dental care and IVF (Invitro Fertilization). They pride themselves on ensuring safe, high quality and cost effective medical, dental and IVF procedures in partnership with JCI Accredited international hospitals and clinics.

With their head office in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), their team of experienced service industry representatives will help customers through the process from start to finish. The SurgicalEscape team has a proven track record and has thousands of satisfied customers in the international health care field.

With affiliated hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica, Barbados and Los Cabos, Mexico, they ensure safe, high quality and low cost VIP experiences. They work closely with the hospitals, clinics, medical staff and the retreat recovery centers to ensure the customer's experience is positive. Their team of knowledgeable service representatives guide and assist clients through the process to make their medical experience worry free and memorable.

As medical costs soar in the U.S., the number of uninsured has swelled, exceeding 46 million, or nearly 16% of Americans last year, according to Census Bureau statistics. As a result, increasing numbers are choosing what's known as medical tourism and heading overseas for more affordable surgeries from highly reputable hospitals...

This is a highly specialized niche of travel service that enables clients to travel to a foreign country to receive medical treatment while taking advantage of local tourism opportunities. For most patients, the primary benefit is the huge cost savings. Even accounting for travel and accommodations expenses, clients obtain comprehensive treatment and recovery with total costs equal to a few nights stay in a U.S. hospital. And, while the costs of treatment are dramatically lower, the quality of care is on par with -- if not, better than -that in the U.S. Many of these medical tourists are uninsured or under-insured. Others are going for procedures not covered by their insurance i.e.. cosmetic surgery.

Treatment abroad averages one-eighth the cost of comparable surgeries performed in the United States. In 2006 alone, an estimated 150,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical care, a number expected to double by next year, according to Josef Woodman, author of "Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody's Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism." Nearly half of those - around 70,000 - had medically necessary surgeries like hip replacements or spinal work, heart surgeries like bypass or valve replacements, and even cancer treatments.

Health Matters International currently offers medical procedures through our partner hospital in Costa Rica. This facility has been researched thoroughly and provides high quality care at an affordable cost. . Ongoing research is being conducted to expand into high quality hospitals facilities in other countries as well.


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