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Every minute nearly 20 people become the victims of identity theft, adding up to 10 million people annually. It could happen to you. Are you protected? Get the protection you need at prices you can afford!

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Read these consumer reports and opinions about how well our identity fraud protection program monitors their credit cards and provides reporting of any potential theft.

"I will recommend your services to others, because you guys were very helpful in a time that I was panicking."    -Dallas, Texas

"They handled it extremely professional and followed through smoothly. The coordinator was very helpful, courteous, and professional."   -Brooklyn, New York

"This is a thank you note for your services and concern. I received a call within 15 minutes and the coordinator was very helpful. He explained what he was going to do and why. He followed up daily. What I felt was so amazing and I am incredibly pleased with the concern and services extended to our family at a very traumatic time."   -Shelbyville, Kentucky

"The service is excellent, I am absolutely happy with the services provided."   -Hiram, Ohio

Overall quality of service 100%
Overall employee rating 96%
Overall coordinators very helpful
Overall ID Theft Assist very helpful
Follow-up 95%
Speed of assistance 98%
Assistance provided 97%
Customer Service 98%
Recommendation to others 99%

*Statistics taken from customer follow up forms returned with Affidavits

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