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Health Matters International

Health Matters International has two main divisions: one, HMI, focusing on Prescription Drugs, Pet Medications, Diabetes, Over-the Counter Medications and Nutritional Supplements. The other main division, SurgicalEscape, focuses on Medical Tourism / Travel.

Are you frustrated with skyrocketing prescription drug prices? Health Matters International can help you save money!

At Health Matters International our focus is on providing a solution to the rising cost of prescription medications and other health care related matters. We are a team of experienced service industry representatives with a proven track record helping thousands of satisfied customers. The Health Matters International staff has extensive knowledge in the prescription medication industry coupled with industry leading customer service.

Our team of knowledgeable customer service representatives will guide and assist our clients through the ordering process to make sure the experience is seamless and positive.

Quality of Care - Our services at Health Matters International aren't just about cost savings. It is important to understand that our low prices do not compromise quality and value. Each pharmacy, hospital and wholesaler we partner with has been extensively researched.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs - Huge Savings on Prescription Medications!

Based in Calgary Canada, we pride ourselves on ensuring safe, high quality and low cost prescription medications. We work closely with each and every International Pharmacy to ensure a positive experience for our clients. Our team of knowledgeable customer service representatives will guide and assist our clients until they receive their prescription medication at their home. Through our pharmacists, customer service representative and high quality product, our customers are confident ordering from any of our International Pharmacies.

Our prescription medication products are only sourced by USFDA, HPB and UK equivalent approved manufacturing plants to ensure the highest quality products.

Diabetic Medications & Supplies

Save on Pet Meds! Mailed to your door.


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