Carol A. Mathis, RHU
Carol A. Mathis, RHU
(Registered Health Underwriter)
President, Choices LLC


Ms. Mathis has over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, and account management in the field of employee benefits, in specialty areas of medical, dental, disability, reinsurance, ASO services, EAPs and most recently in voluntary, supplemental benefits. In her previous corporate position, Ms. Mathis was VP of Business Development for an Employee Assistance Plan company located in Austin, Texas. Her responsibilities included developing new products and sales to the affinity marketplace, covering a national sales territory.

In the past four years Ms. Mathis has directed her efforts, both consulting and direct marketing, in the voluntary benefits arena. Starting as an Account Executive with Colonial Supplemental, her efforts were first directed to the worksite, payroll deduction venue for voluntary benefits. It was there that she discovered that several classifications of employees were not eligible for these programs due to being part-time, 1099 or other similar classifications. This led to an expansion of the product portfolio to include products that could be offered directly to the employees without the need for payroll deduction.

As an extension of the above efforts, Choices LLC was opened in 2008, specializing in products and services that could be offered not only via the traditional worksite, but also to self-employed, 1099, part-time, seasonal and any other employee classification. In addition, all of the represented programs are available to any individual or family in the general public. This allowed for the expansion into the affinity marketplace of associations, chambers, non-profits and other membership groups.

Thorough research has been conducted to find the companies who offer the best products and services at affordable pricing. All of the represented companies are not only leaders in their respective industries, but are also solutions providers for those in need of reasonably priced financial and health care services.

Experienced in providing innovative solutions to meet the changing benefit needs of individuals and families in their work and personal lives.

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