Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, even if you have insurance. Protecting yourself and your financial health can be expensive, but rising costs don't have to break the bank. You can get the protection you need at prices you can afford. Benefit options are open to all - including part-time employees, seasonal workers, 1099 employees and subcontractors.


Discount Prescription Drugs

Save money on more than 11,000 prescription drugs from FDA-approved US, Canada and other international sources. Guaranteed acceptance, no age or pre-existing condition limitations and no annual fees. Prescription supplies from 30 to 90 days.  Under Health Matters International, our focus is on providing healthcare solutions; including programs for savings on Pet Meds, discount Diabetic Supplies, over-the counter drugs, and Surgical Escape to help make surgery more affordable.


Identity Theft Assistance 

Stolen Identity concerns?  Protect you and your family in the event someone steals your identity. For one low annual fee of only $99.00 per family, members get credit monitoring, communication with creditors, credit agency and fraud department notification, reporting to authorities, assistance with FTC ID Theft Affidavits, 24/7 telephone access to identity theft consultants, translation services and emergency cash advances.
Savings on medical care costs

24/7 Physician Consultation & Wellness

Programs available to help reduce absenteeism and medical claim costs. Available to all classes of employees and their families. 

Medical and Dental discount program options also available.

Medical Tourism

International Surgery - Medical Tourism program offering high quality, significantly reduced pricing on destinations for medical, dental, obesity, infertility, international cosmetic surgery and much more.  You've heard so much about surgery abroad at huge savings in places like Mexico, Costa Rica and other destinations.  With health care being among the greatest of concerns to all US residents, this program offers top-quality care at a cost savings that is unattainable here in the states.

Choices LLC, of Seattle, brings a wide range of benefits programs to individuals, families, the self-employed, employers, organizations and other groups nationwide.

Self-employed Health Care
Affordable health care benefits for part time jobs, self-employed, temporary, W2, 1099 or other employees who may have gaps in coverage

Identity Theft Protection
A secure ID theft program providing identity fraud protection.

Small business employee health care benefits
Affordable Health care benefit options.

Save on Pet Meds! Mailed to your door. Discount Pet Medications

Big savings on medications for your pet!

Discount Vision Care

Discount Dental
For individuals and groups who have no other insurance.

Canadian Prescription Drugs
Mail order Canadian drug program at huge discounts.

International Surgery
Medical Tourism program offering big savings at JCI accredited facilities around the world.

Washington State Individual Health Coverage
While we are not a health care insurance provider, we do offer Health coverage for individuals and family members through our affiliation with Health Benefits Northwest.

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